Visual Component Testing with and Applitools [webinar recording]

Events — Published September 30, 2020

Ace functional and visual component testing with and Applitools — watch this on-demand webinar with two engineering giants: Gleb Bahmutov (VP Engineering @ and Gil Tayar (Sr. Architect @ Applitools).

Functional and visual testing work very well together for end-to-end frontend tests.

In this hands-on session, Gleb Bahmutov and Gil Tayar showed how to apply the same approach to the individual components — the building blocks of modern web apps.

Component testing ensures a thorough validation of all our components’ variants such as different inputs and states, edge-case network responses, and responsive widths.

Gleb and Gil used to drive the tests and check them functionally, while integrating the Applitools plugin to provide us with the capability to quickly and easily test them visually across all browsers and response widths. Watch this on-demand webinar to see the full power of the functional and visual component tests’ ability to speed up the development cycle.

Slide Deck (PDF)

Slide Deck — Online Slides (here, you can play the videos shown in the session directly from the browser)

Full On-demand Recording

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