Integrate Visual AI with your favorite test framework or tool

Applitools integrates with over 50 programming languages,
test frameworks, and testing tools to bring Visual AI to any team

Supercharge your test code with AI

Applitools has SDKs for 50+ testing frameworks and programming languages making it an extensible, powerful addition to your development workflow.

Integrate with your favorite framework or tool with Applitools SDKs in just a few commands

Easily add Visual AI checkpoints inside your test code to help decouple automation and reduce maintenance

Use Applitools powerful Match Levels to test dynamic content like dashboards, forms, data, and more.

Eliminate test flakiness running Open Source test frameworks!

Test flakiness comes from problems with weak locators used during test interaction on a changing UI, a common occurrence in fast-paced development organizations. Applitools self-heals these failures, making sure that tests are able to run if element properties like Class or ID change, are produced dynamically at run-time, or even if the developer doesn’t pick a great locator! 

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