Don’t let accessibility testing be an afterthought

Applitools enables teams to run automated accessibility tests to validate WCAG to help ensure regulatory compliance.

Run accessibility tests on every build for maximum coverage

Applitools seamlessly integrates into your existing test automation workflow. It applies Visual AI to analyze web and mobile applications for potential contrast accessibility violations.

Comply with global and local regulations

Applitools makes it easier for developers and designers to comply with legislation made in specific regions that involves a11y standards.

Make your website work for everyone

Every one of your customers deserves to enjoy your application to it’s fullest – let Applitools make sure that elements are legible to all.

Automate accessibility testing on every build

Add Applitools Contrast Advisor to your CI/CD process, running automated accessibility tests each time you make a change to your app.

As an organisation, it is our foremost duty to consider accessibility testing a priority before we release any applications to our end users.
Giridhar Rajkumar
Test Automation & DevOps Consultant

Accessibility testing has never been easier

While the ADA requires businesses to take the steps necessary to communicate effectively with customers including those with disabilities, the tools available to identify violations are falling short. Testing applications and websites for WCAG contrast accessibility is a slow, manual process. While the web is partially aided by DOM-based tools, there are no viable solutions to test for contrast in images and native mobile applications, leaving gaps and the door open for potential accessibility violations.

Why choose Applitools for accessibility testing?

Save time

Contrast Advisor helps focus you on the problem areas, ensuring you do not waste time and cycles on areas that require no attention. Plus, we’ve integrated Contrast Advisor directly into Eyes, so there are no time-consuming setup steps or workflow changes. Once enabled, you don’t even need to re-run existing tests – you can jump directly into existing dashboards to begin reviewing results.

Ensure every platform complies

Contrast Advisor is not limited by scanning webpage structure and thus can provide contrast advice for websites, PDFs, UX design mockups, and applications designed for web, mobile web, native mobile, desktop, and more.

Native mobile compliance

As noted by W3C, mobile devices are even more prone to be used in conditions such as strong sunlight that heighten the need for strict contrast compliance. Contrast Advisor’s use of Visual AI vs traditional detection methods allow it to identify possible violations in both native mobile applications, as well as mobile web.

Reduce your exposure to image violations

WCAG specifies minimum contrast ratios of text as well as graphics and user interface components, yet traditional tools cannot detect such violations. Contrast Advisor uses Visual AI to detect contrast ratios in images, graphics, icons, UI components, and plain text.

Ensure WCAG compliance across all browsers

Contrast Advisor can be run with Applitools Ultrafast Grid to render and detect for subtle contrast differences and possible violations across Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and IE. Contrast Advisor can adhere to both WCAG 2.0 and the newer 2.1 standards. This includes options for ‘AA – contrast minimum’ and the stricter ‘AAA – contrast enhanced’.

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