Applitools Self-Healing Execution Cloud

The first self-healing testing cloud built for scale

The Applitools Execution Cloud is the innovative new test infrastructure built for modern engineering and testing teams. Our cloud-based testing platform enables teams to run their existing tests against self-healing testing infrastructure, making testing faster and more resilient.

Test At Extreme Scale

Launching and running your tests in the cloud at infinite scale is hassle free, and affordable. Don’t waste time with setting up your own grid, updating local browsers, or installing drivers. Just connect and test.

More Resilient Testing

Execution Cloud self-heals tests from open source frameworks that fail from changing locators used during navigation, reducing test flakiness and improving CI/CD pipelines.

Faster Execution

All tests execute in the cloud on our lightning fast infrastructure, so feedback loops between dev and test are tight and testing is no longer a constant bottleneck.


Reduce test maintenance with self-healing locators

Test flakiness comes from problems with weak locators used during test interaction on a changing UI, a common occurence in fast-paced development organizations. Applitools Execution Cloud self-heals these failures, making sure that tests are able to run if element properties like Class or ID change, are produced dynamically at run-time, or even if the developer doesn’t pick a great locator! 


Run open-source frameworks in parallel at extreme scale

Applitools Execution Cloud enables teams to easily run  Selenium, WebDriver, and other open-source frameworks in extreme parallel at an affordable price. Each test run comes complete with video and command logs – making debugging a fast process.

Cross Browser Testing

Make sure it all works on any browser or screen

With the Ultrafast Grid, Applitools gives testing teams complete cross-browser testing coverage in dramatically less time. While tests run on the Execution Cloud, the Ultrafast Grid will rerender the UI across different browsers in just seconds, making sure that your application works and looks right on any screen or environment.

Cross browser image
Avoid Vendor Lock-In

No need to rewrite tests. Self-heal existing open-source tests.

Applitools Execution Cloud is intelligent infrastructure for any testing framework, not just proprietary record-and-replay tools that lock you in across a platform. Easily integrate your existing testing frameworks and run your tests at scale on self-healing test infrastructure.

With the rise of cloud technologies and open source frameworks, it’s clear that the future of testing is in the cloud. Applitools’s new cloud infrastructure for open source test frameworks is a significant step forward. The self-healing capabilities of this new offering are awe-inspiring. They will save developers countless hours of manual testing and debugging.
Joe Colantonio TestGuild
As an industry leader in software testing, Applitools has once again raised the bar with its new cloud infrastructure for open source testing. The ability to run tests at scale in the cloud and leverage AI capabilities represents a major shift in the way that testing is done. I am excited to see how this new solution will transform the testing industry in the years to come.  I can’t wait to see how well it integrates with their other offerings, making Applitools a one stop shop for all your testing needs.
Mike Millgate Everfi from Blackbaud
Director of Quality Engineering

Easily integrate your Selenium framework for AI Super Powers

Parallel Test Execution

Run your tests completely in the cloud in parallel for faster CI/CD pipelines.

Self-Healing Locators

Self-Heal tests that fail due to missing or changed locators will pass using Visual AI.

Functional & Visual Testing

Test both functional and visual correctness in the cloud.

Test Locally Behind A Firewall

Connect to local apps or private apps behind a firewall – don’t let security slow down your testing!

Full Logs with Video

Get video & logs of your entire test run to help debug faster.

Easy Migration

Easily migrate your current tests to the self-healing cloud.

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