Recap: Leveraging AI for Mobile App Testing on Real Devices

Events — Published April 22, 2024

Creating a flawless UI/UX experience across a myriad of devices and platforms is absolutely critical to the success of a business in today’s digitally dominated world. This task has become increasingly complicated with the swift advancement of mobile technologies and the ever-evolving expectations of users. 

Our recent webinar with Martin Kowalewski, Global Sales Engineering Lead at Applitools, and Frank Moyer, CTO of Kobiton, delved into these complexities, offering attendees a comprehensive look at the latest trends in mobile development and testing, with a special focus on the revolutionary impact of AI. 

The session introduced participants to the partnership between Kobiton and Applitools, showcasing a robust solution designed to meet the expansive testing needs of customers. This powerful integration leverages AI to provide a full spectrum solution for continuous testing across all platforms. We’ve highlighted a few of the key takeaways from the webinar below.

Revolutionizing Mobile App Testing with Visual AI Technology

The webinar kicked off by diving into the world of Visual AI technology, with a strong emphasis on its pivotal role in boosting the accuracy of UI and UX testing. Participants were provided with in-depth insights into how Visual AI is revolutionizing the field of software testing, offering examples of its application and the significant improvements it brings to the quality engineering process. Attendees left with a clear understanding of the transformative impact Visual AI has on enhancing user experience and interface design.

The conversation then shifted towards a comprehensive examination of Applitools’ Visual AI platform, showcasing its revolutionary approach to automating visual testing. This platform stands out by providing advanced monitoring and management tools specifically designed for the visual aspects of applications. By doing so, it sets the benchmark in the industry, offering an unparalleled level of precision and efficiency in detecting and addressing visual discrepancies, thereby significantly enhancing the quality assurance process for software developers.

The Power of Integrating Kobiton and Applitools for Enhanced Testing

The presentation emphasized the advantages of utilizing Kobiton for real device testing, particularly how Kobiton’s comprehensive mobile device cloud and on-premises device laboratories facilitate testing conditions that closely mimic real-world usage. By offering access to an extensive selection of mobile devices, Kobiton significantly improves the testing process. This access allows developers and testers to ensure their applications perform well across a diverse spectrum of devices, thereby enhancing user experience and satisfaction. Kobiton’s platform not only streamlines the testing cycle but also aids in detecting and resolving potential issues before release, making it an invaluable tool in the development process.

Streamlining Development: Practical Tips for Implementing Continuous Visual Testing

Finally, the session provided detailed practical advice on effectively integrating Applitools and Kobiton. This integration facilitates seamless, continuous visual testing, which is crucial for ensuring that applications render as intended on a variety of devices. By addressing this integration, developers can tackle one of the most significant challenges in mobile app development head-on, enhancing user experience by guaranteeing that apps look and function correctly across different devices and use scenarios. This approach not only improves the quality of mobile apps but also streamlines the development and testing process, making it more efficient.

The event highlighted the remarkable teamwork between Kobiton and Applitools, providing developers and testers with the necessary tools to excel in this highly competitive technology world. This collaboration has paved the way for enhanced testing capabilities, ensuring that applications are not only functional but also visually appealing, setting a new standard for success. Watch the full webinar here.

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