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Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud is the industry leading visual testing platform that is revolutionizing test automation using Visual AI.

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Why Customers Choose Applitools vs Other Testing Tools

Dynamic Interfaces can be tested

Other testing tools are unable to test dynamic content, like ads, news, or dashboards, accurately. False positives are known to occur often if your application is content-heavy or has personalized content.

Test maintenance is automated

Other tools are unable to aggregate errors across browsers or across components leading to manual review of hundreds of results.

Test any type of User Interface

Don't be restricted to only web or mobile testing with a visual testing tool. Applitools can test web, mobile, desktop, PDFs, Word Docs, Images, and more.

Application Security is top of mind

Most other testing tools can only be used in the cloud, as a public SaaS. Applitools can be deployed as a public SaaS, in a dedicated cloud, or even on-prem for maximum security.

Compare Applitools vs Other Tools



Visual Accuracy

Applitools has AI-powered Match Levels, greatly reducing false positives by enabling dynamic content to be tested easily and accurately.

Other tools are unable to distinguish dynamic content from static content or small imperceptible rendering differences - thus producing false positives.

Automated Maintenance

Applitools is able to automatically group similar bugs together, like ones that come from browser differences or changes across navigation components - then update new tests across all of them with a click of a button.

Other testing tools are to unable to group together tests accurately, leading manual review of the same bugs over and over. This slows down testing in CI/CD pipelines, reducing teams confidence in results.

Multi-Baseline Testing

Applitools enables frontend teams to quickly create tests for A/B experiments, making sure that even the boldest experiment is well tested by enabling a baseline to have multiple variants as well.

Traditional testing tools are unable to test multiple baselines, meaning that an A/B test would make tests fail each time it encountered the variant.

Accessibility Testing

Applitools is able to validate that the color aspects of all visible objects is a11y compliant.

Many visual testing tools are unable to do accessibility testing.

Cross Browser Testing

Applitools has a next-gen visual testing grid that runs tests up to 9x faster than any other testing grid available. Instead of loading the entire application with a live connection, we rerender and validate each snapshot using AI.

Many testing tools only work on a few select browsers that are updated periodically.

Root Cause Analysis

When a bug is found, Applitools pinpoints exactly what went wrong and surfaces the CSS or HTML that changed the interface.

Other testing tools only show you results and a few logs from a test result, not what actually changed.


Applitools can be deployed on a public cloud, a private cloud, or on-prem offering maximum security. With Applitools, each organization can choose the deployment option that meets its security requirements.

Other testing tools only deploy in the cloud as a SaaS. meaning that your data could be vulnerable.

Advanced Reporting

Applitools has robust reporting for test results that can be filtered by multiple properties. Users can build customized dashboards and Applitools applies AI to give insights into common failures and bottlenecks.

Other testing tools have no ability to show reports of test runs over time, or grouped by any property - such as Version or User.

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