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Applitools helps test and validate your applications in a way traditional testing fails to do. Never deploy another functional, visual, or accessibility bug in your product with Applitools Visual AI.

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Applitools Visual AI is the fastest way for product delivery teams to create, maintain, and scale their testing to help deliver bug-free web, mobile, or desktop applications.

Test Your Applications Faster

Automatically validate entire pages and screens with a single line of code using Applitools Eyes, then test them on hundreds of browser and device combinations with Appltiools Ultrafast Test Cloud.

Maintain Tests With Less Hassle

Update and maintain tests after changes or made or during A/B tests without need to code them. Non-technical users can maintain entire test suites with just a few clicks using Applitools.

Find Bugs Even Earlier

Test components, screen regions, or entire full-pages for millions of discrepancies that might break your application or crush your brand image.

Common Use Cases for Applitools

Visual Testing

Use Applitools to find visual defects like incorrect layouts, overlapping elements, mismatched colors and more.

Functional Testing

Run end-to-end tests across your most important user scenarios with greater stability and reliability using Visual AI.

Browser Testing

Execute your Applitools Eyes scans on thousands of different browser, screens, and device combinations.

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing is more important than ever. Bake accessibility testing into every release with Applitools Eyes.

PDF Testing

Test PDFs with ease at a whole new scale. Validate text-heavy invoices, onboarding documents, and more with Eyes.

Component Testing

Run visual validations on your design-system components stored in Storybook. Shift visual testing left to find bugs faster and cheaper.

Localization Testing

Generate tests for localization testing without having to code each translated assertion. Easily branch tests across multiple languages.

Get Started Quickly

Quickly integrate Visual AI into your testing

Applitools Eyes hooks right into your favorite testing frameworks like Selenium, Cypress, and more or low code tools like and Selenium IDE. No need to learn new tools or even create new test cases. Just add a few lines of code to your project.

Components, Web, Mobile, Desktop, and More

Validate the UI of any type of application

Applitools can help you test at different layers of your web experience. With our SDK for Storybook testing, you can easily automate visual verification of each component making sure designers and engineers are on the same page. Then, after those blocks are combined together to build full pages, Applitools can easily validate the entire screen. Set the match level to test every single element or just layouts.

Applitools has changed the way we approach QA, making us a faster, more consistent development team, as well as giving us more confidence in the quality of our product with every push to production
Alex Dinari Age of Learning
Senior Front-End Engineer
I love how Applitools Eyes has the smarts to ignore minor visual differences in your components, especially when testing on different browser types where it’s easy for layout to be off by a pixel.
Kent Dodds
Kent C. Dodds
JavaScript engineer and creator of
“The service from Applitools is absolutely top class and definitely one of the main reasons we’ve been keen to remain a user of this tool over any potential competitors.”
Applitools auto-maintenance AI has transformed the repetitive and eye-fatiguing process of analysing results into a streamlined process saving us an incredible amount of time.
Marie Drake News UK
Principal Test Automation Engineer
Next Gen Cross Browser Testing

Make sure your app looks perfect on any browser or screen

Cross browser testing at scale has never been faster. The Applitools Ultrafast Grid run your visual tests on hundreds of different browsers, screen-sizes, and orientations in just minutes by using AI to re-render each viewport for maximum reliability and accuracy.

Learn more about the Ultrafast Grid.

Cross browser image

Start testing your applications with the power of Visual AI

Replicate The Human Eye

See your app exactly as your customers do to compare your baseline images with incredible speed and accuracy.

Automatic Locator Tracking

DOM locators are difficult to find and flaky over time. Automate functional testing with visual navigation for more reliable testing.

Root Cause Analysis

When a test fails, see exactly what was changed in the DOM at the code level, to make fixes fast and simple.

Localization Testing

Quickly test different location and geo-specific language translations without writing tons of repeat assertions

Spot Real Differences

Easily mark areas in your application UI that you want to ignore from testing to reduce false positives

Integrate Into Your CI/CD

Applitools integrates with your entire development workflow from your functional test framework itself to Git to CI/CD.

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