Creating a Flawless User Experience, End-to-End, Functional to Visual – Practical Hands-on Session

Events — Published May 2, 2019

Cypress-Applitools webinar

Creating and maintaining a flawless and smooth user experience is no small feat.

Not only do you need to ensure that the backend and front-end are functioning and appearing as expected, but also you must verify that this is the case across hundreds (if not thousands) of possible combos of screen-size/browser/operating systems.

And if that wasn’t enough – you are deploying and releasing continuously, in a rapidly changing ecosystem of devices, competitors, and technologies.

So how do you keep track of all those moving parts, in real time, in order to prevent functional and UI fails?

In this hands-on session, Gleb Bahmutov (VP Engineering @ and Gil Tayar (Sr. Architect @ Applitools) demonstrated how you can safeguard your app’s functionality and UI across all digital platforms, with end-to-end tests. They presented — step-by-step — how to write functional tests, which ensure that the application performs user actions correctly, as well as how to write visual tests that guarantee that the application does not suffer embarrassing UI bugs, glitches and regressions.

Watch this practical, hands-on session, and learn how to:

  • Write functional end-to-end tests, while consistently capturing application screenshots for image comparison
  • Add visual regression tests to ensure that the application still appears as expected
  • Analyze visual diffs to determine the root cause of visual bugs
Gil Tayar’s Slide-deck:

Gleb Bahmutov Slide-deck can be found here.


Gil’s and Gleb’s GitHub Repo can be found here.


Full Webinar Recording:

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