The World’s First Autonomous Testing Platform to Help You Proactively Test Your Applications with the Help of AI.

Applitools Autonomous is the ultimate solution for development organizations that want to move fast to deliver exceptional digital experiences, yet struggle when it comes to test automation.

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Automatically generate tests for your most important web pages

Scan your website

Enter in a URL and Autonomous will crawl the sitemap and automatically create a test suite and add a Visual AI checkpoints.

Upload A List Of URLs

Upload a list of your most important URLs to build test plans that have Visual AI checkpoints automatically applied for maximum test coverage and minimal effort.

Build Tests in Plain English

Use our Natural Language Processing engine to build end-to-end tests using plain English words and syntax.


Use Visual AI to test every element, on every page, on every browser – all with a single click

more Coverage, less Work

With Applitools, there is no need to add assertions for new features or each element that needs to be explicitly validated. Visual AI can test an entire UI effortlessly.

Test Dynamic Content

Using powerful algorithms, test dynamic content and layouts with ease. Visual AI can easily validate personalized content, dynamic content and data, dashboards, and more.

Faster Browser Testing

Applitools Autonomous replicates browsers in seconds, reducing cross browser and device testing time by up to 90%.

Test Execution

Schedule tests or run them continuously in your CI/CD for ongoing, proactive quality assurance

Create & Run Complex Test Suites

Connect tests with other tests to build test suites that can run as a single command.

Schedule Tests To Monitor Your App

Schedule tests to run on a set schedule to help proactively catch errors and changes that come from third-party applications or user generated content.

Integrate Into Your CI/CD

Autonomous works together with you current development workflows by integrating into CI/CD tools to run tests during each pull request.

Test Analysis

Get fast, actionable insights into your all of your test results

Root Cause Analysis

Pinpoint exactly what CSS and HTML changed to reduce the time it takes to remediate.

Get Alerted To Each UI Change

Powerful dashboards surface each meaningful change and bug identified by Applitools Visual AI.

Ready for the next generation of testing?