Validate your application and documents like never before with Visual AI

With a single command, Applitools significantly enhances test coverage by ensuring functional, visual, and accessibility correctness.

Test any type of website, application, or document using AI

Applitools uses Visual AI to validate any type of user interface with speed and precision.


Validate UI components using Storybook or other frameworks to help shift testing further left.

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Websites & Web Apps

Test any type of websites or apps running on web browsers or mobile browsers

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Native Mobile Applications

Test the latest popular game or native mobile applications running on iOS or Android devices

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Desktop Applications

Validate Electron and desktop applications with the help of AI and Applitools

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PDFs and Documents

Make sure legal documents, invoices, or other PDFs and Documents look correct

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Functional Testing

Faster, more resilient testing for your UI

Applitools functionally validates your application with incredible speed by using AI to help build assertions and broaden coverage with synthetic data. Applitools helps organizations ship flawless digital experiences by boosting coverage 100x during your end-to-end testing.

Visual Testing

Make sure every element is exactly where it’s supposed to be.

Applitools validates the part of the application your customers actual see – the UI. Using our advanced algorithms we validate responsive layouts, grid layouts, images, media, and more.

Accessibility Testing

Make sure anyone can see it

Applitools uses Visual AI to run color contrast tests ensuring your UI is compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards. We’ll automate your accessibility testing and make sure your app is usable for different vision capabilities, including those with color blindness or low vision.

Cross Browser Testing

Reduce the hassle and time of cross browser testing with a modern cross platform grid.

Applitools eliminates the hassle, flakiness, and lengthy time of traditional cross browser testing with a next-generation grid that instantly recreates user interfaces across a wide range of popular browsers and devices.

Ready For the Next Generation of Testing?