Recap: Streamlining Your Tech Stack

Events — Published March 26, 2024

During a recent webinar—Streamlining Your Tech Stack: A Blueprint for Enhanced Efficiency and Coverage in Challenging Economic Times, Applitools’ DevRel Dave Piacente and Mike Millgate from EVERFI presented an enterprise case study showcasing how they slashed their test automation infrastructure costs without a drop in quality and were able to maintain speed even as their automated test coverage footprint continued to grow.

Dave and Mike dove into how EVERFI effectively maneuvered through the economic downturn by optimizing its tech infrastructure and processes. The implementation achieved fast test execution times within five minutes, optimized cost-effectiveness by exploring affordable options, maintained quality despite test suite growth, ensured flexibility across CI providers, and improved efficiency through parallel test execution regardless of underlying test automation framework or programming language.

Dave and Mike took a deep dive into the key advantages of efficient browser testing including:

  • Cost savings: Traditional grid-based browser testing can be costly. Distributing test execution onto modern/commoditized tooling garnered a massive cut in infrastructure expense.
  • Swift feedback: By leveraging modern/commoditized tooling for your test execution, you can maintain concurrency and grow your usage – gaining quicker feedback on test results and helping you to identify and resolve issues faster.
  • Cross-browser coverage: With the Applitools UltraFast Grid, test your application across multiple browsers, viewports, and environments without adding execution time or needing to re-run your tests, leading to a fast and reliable feedback loop with broad coverage.

Designed for practitioners and executives looking to enhance the efficiency and resilience of their Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) operations amidst financial constraints, there is a detailed example ready for your team’s use, including a project repository to test this method, on the event archive page. Or better yet—book a session with one of our testing experts today for a deeper look into Applitools’ unparalleled parallel test automation capabilities!

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