Build tests with plain English using AI

Make your testing complete with the world’s most advanced test builder.

Describe the scenario. Automate your testing. It’s that easy.

Applitools Autonomous brings the next generation of testing to the web with our advanced NLP test builder – enabling any team member to build a custom test just using plain English to describe each step.

Allow non-technical stakeholders, such as business analysts or product owners, to contribute directly to creating and modifying tests.

Our NLP builder makes tests easier to read and understand, serving as a form of documentation that is accessible to everyone on the project.

NLP can help ensure tests accurately reflect the intended behavior by minimizing misunderstandings that might arise from technical code.

The ultimate test framework. The English language.

Applitools serves as a common language between technical and non-technical team members that are tasked with ensuring their applications quality. There is no need to learn new test frameworks or test tools.

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