Build complex end-to-end tests without a single line of code

Applitools makes it simple for users of any skill level to create powerful automated tests that can validate even the most complex scenarios – all in just seconds.

No-code testing brings QA to the entire product delivery team

From designers, to manual testers, to product owners – enabling teams of all skill-levels to build tests helps boost test coverage and user experience.

Build tests faster with a powerful recorder that builds tests by recording user scenarios.

Create synthetic data on the fly during tests for realistic scenarios to help maximize test coverage.

Maximize your teams resources and enable anyone on the team to become a product expert.

A revolutionary test recorder

With Applitools, you create tests by using your product – we’ll record all the elements and interactions that happen along the way so that you can easily replay it on different browsers and screen sizes.

A Reliable Recorder
Our recorder is optimized for any website, ensuring reliable and accurate results with every recording session.

Less Test Flakiness
Say goodbye to endless debugging and tuning. With Applitools, your recordings will work seamlessly on the first run, every time.

Text & Visual Assertions
Applitools offers two checkpoint options, text and visual, for comprehensive and thorough testing.

Ready for the next generation of testing?

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