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Applitools brings magic to software testing

Our Mission

With the power of AI we provide intelligent, cutting-edge testing solutions, revolutionizing the way all applications are developed, tested and delivered.

Our Vision

We’re the leader in pioneering an AI-powered autonomous testing platform designed for the future – effortlessly accessible to all and delivering unparalleled business value for our customers worldwide.

Our Values


We believe in the incredible power of collaboration. We build a strong foundation of trust through transparency, candor & mutual respect.

We listen attentively and always “close the loop”. We optimize for the greater good, proactively offer help, and look to tap into other’s strengths.

Create The

Imagination requires action to create meaningful impact. We recognize that relentlessly pursuing innovation will propel our long term success.

We deliver value to ourselves and to our customers by challenging the status quo, constantly seeking new ideas, and taking creative bets.


Passion and self direction are a must. We empower our people, treat  them as true professionals, and hold them accountable for results.

We set high standards for ourselves. We act decisively, execute with speed, deliver quality work, and own the outcomes – good or bad.

Empower Customer Success

Seeing the world through customers’ eyes involves gathering feedback, showing up consistently, conducting customer surveys, analyzing customer behaviors, and actively listening to customer concerns. 

This customer-centric approach helps businesses align their strategies with the needs of our customers leading to more successful and customer-focused products and services and HIGH NPS/Customer Satisfaction.

focus on What Matters

We do the things that move the needle the most. We constantly align the resources needed with the magnitude of impact it would create.

We give high priority to our customers’ needs. We prioritize our work, refuse distractions, and stay committed to our priorities.

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