Craft reliable automated tests, without having to learn a whole new language

Applitools enables businesses to build powerful end-to-end tests anyway they choose: with a recorder, Generative AI, or just by integrating into their current framework.

Truly Democratize Test Creation

Applitools enables any team, with any skills, to create powerful test automation

Applitools flexible test creation solutions help various teams across the SDLC broaden their test coverage, on any browser, device, or screen size.


Quickly integrate Applitools into your favorite framework to shift testing left and find bugs earlier in the process.

Quality Assurance

Build tests using any framework you’d like or our powerful no-code tooling to boost coverage while reducing creation time.

Design & Product

Use Applitools to quickly test mocks, components, or full UIs for broad, fast test coverage.

Digital Marketing

Crawl and schedule tests to run against your most important pages to ensure a flawless digital experience for your customers.


Scan and crawl your sitemap to build tests without lifting a finger

To help reduce the hassle in wrangling up all of your web pages and building unique tests for each, Applitools scans any domain you point it at and builds powerful, Visual AI tests.


Elevate every tester on the the team to become an expert automation engineer

One of the biggest barriers to entry when it comes to increasing test automation across an organization is a lack of skills and resources. Applitools solves that by using Natural Language Processing to enable teams to create comprehensive, end-to-end tests by typing in plain English. No need to learn how to code, or the latest framework. Just describe your test!

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Record each step of a user’s journey to quickly build end-to-end tests

Build tests without code by using an intuitive web recorder that records your journey with extreme precision. Applitools can also generate synthetic data along the way to create realistic scenarios around forms and dashboards.

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Connect To Your Framework

Easily integrate Applitools AI into your current testing projects

Applitools can connect directly into your favorite test framework like Selenium, Cypress, or Playwright to help bring you powerful AI capabilities, instantly.

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