Cross Browser Testing

Test Your UI On Any Browser or Screen

Cross browser testing ensures that your websites and web applications looks right and works right on any type of browser, OS, or screen size. In today’s multi-screen world, cross browser testing is more important than ever.

Lloyds Bank

Make sure it’s visually perfect on every browser combination

Squash hard to find bugs

Visual testing across browsers greatly reduces the amount of bugs and problems in your UI.

Cut down on flaky test results

Applitools Ultrafast Grid reduces test flakiness up to 99% by rerendering your UI using Visual AI.

Improve browser coverage

With a few lines of configuration test across all major browsers and operating systems.

The Benefits Of Cross Browser Testing With Applitools

Spot visual bugs on any OS or Browser

Whether it’s Chrome, Firefox, IE, or any other web browser out there on a desktop or mobile device – if your visitors are accessing your application on it, they deserve a perfect experience.

Run cross browser tests in a fraction of the time

Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud is able to quickly reproduce your entire User Interface in just seconds, compare it to your baseline using advanced algorithms, and determine whether there are visual defects that matter to the end user. It does this at a rate 10x faster than the other testing clouds.

Who needs cross browser testing?

When it comes to the frontend of your application, everyone has a stake in it.

Financial Institutions

Banks and other fintech companies have different regulations around browser and OS accessibility that they need to test to stay fully compliant.

eCommerce Businesses

No business owner wants to miss a sale because there store didn’t work on a potential customer’s own device. Make sure every customer gets a perfect digital experience.

News & Media Publishers

Readers around the globe access articles everyday on thousands of different browser combinations. Make sure they are getting the best reading experience to keep them coming back.

Applitools has changed the way we approach QA, making us a faster, more consistent development team, as well as giving us more confidence in the quality of our product with every push to production
Alex Dinari Age of Learning
Senior Front-End Engineer
I am super excited about Selenium 4 – bunch of new features that really make use of the modern web.
Angie Jones
Angie Jones Director of Test Automation University
Java Champion
I love how Applitools Eyes has the smarts to ignore minor visual differences in your components, especially when testing on different browser types where it’s easy for layout to be off by a pixel.
Kent Dodds
Kent C. Dodds
JavaScript engineer and creator of

Start testing your applications with the power of Visual AI

Replicate The Human Eye

See your app exactly as your customers do to compare your baseline images with incredible speed and accuracy.

Automatic Locator Tracking

DOM locators are difficult to find and flaky over time. Automate functional testing with visual navigation for more reliable testing.

Root Cause Analysis

When a test fails, see exactly what was changed in the DOM at the code level, to make fixes fast and simple.

Localization Testing

Quickly test different location and geo-specific language translations without writing tons of repeat assertions

Spot Real Differences

Easily mark areas in your application UI that you want to ignore from testing to reduce false positives

Integrate Into Your CI/CD

Applitools integrates with your entire development workflow from your functional test framework itself to Git to CI/CD.

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