Shift testing left into design and development with UI component testing

Detect regressions and changes in your Storybook components as soon as they occur with automated visual and functional testing.

Find bugs earlier in development

Using Applitools and Storybook together detects component bugs way upstream in the development process, when you first code your components. This prevents bugs from appearing in your UI downstream, when they’re harder to diagnose.

Execute faster across any browser or device

Applitools uses a next-generation browser and device grid to test your components across popular environments nearly instantly, helping you expand coverage while reducing test execution time.

Reduce manual efforts without coding

You’ve got plenty of code to write as it is. With Applitools Storybook SDK, you don’t write any code to test React, Vue, and Angular components. Just a couple of commands and you can test your whole component library.

At first our developers didn’t believe in visual automation. Now they’ve been singing Applitools’ praises because it catches critical bugs.
Greg Sypolt Gannett
Director, Quality Engineering

Easily Integrate Applitools AI with Storybook

Integrates with Your Toolchain

Rip-and-replace is a drag. Applitools integrates with every popular continuous integration tool. (And some unpopular ones too.) Plus GitHub, Visual Studio, Jira. So you can:

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