Run smarter tests with self-healing locators

Reduce test maintenance for your fast moving user interfaces with
self-healing locators and intelligent testing infrastructure

Test faster with intelligent locators and selectors

When your tests break down due to small changes in your UI, or changes that developers made on the backend, Applitools can heal them and help clean up your CI/CD pipelines.

Decouple complicated DOM structure from the UI to reduce test maintenance.

Make changes to your application without rewriting your tests.

Spend more time building new tests, not keeping up with old ones.

Eliminate test flakiness running Open Source test frameworks!

Test flakiness comes from problems with weak locators used during test interaction on a changing UI, a common occurrence in fast-paced development organizations. Applitools self-heals these failures, making sure that tests are able to run if element properties like Class or ID change, are produced dynamically at run-time, or even if the developer doesn’t pick a great locator! 

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