Roadmap to Testing a Design System – by Marie Drake [webinar recording]

Events — Published July 13, 2020

Design systems are one of the most popular new ways to create and document the UI building blocks that make up a product.

When it comes to a design system, your components will be used by multiple teams on different platforms.

So how do you ensure that you help deliver a high-quality product?

In this talk, Marie Drake — Principal Test Automation Engineer @ News UK — shared her experience at News UK, and how they came up with a testing strategy for their newest offering (NewsKit Design System).

Marie covered the following talking points:

  • A brief introduction to News UK’s tech reset and Product Platforms Team
  • Why a Design System?
  • A look at our Testing Strategy and overview of testing tools

Click here to access Marie’s “Roadmap to Testing a Design System” slide deck

Full webinar recording

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