Revolutionize UI testing with Visual AI

Visual AI from Applitools enhances your UI testing at multiple levels to give the maximum amount of confidence when releasing your application at high velocity.

Reduce manual time spent creating, validating, or maintaining tests

Test your user interface the smarter way, with Visual AI that can detect any regression perceptible to the human eye.

Drastically Boost Test Coverage

Applitools enables teams to drastically improve their test coverage by using Visual AI to validate every single element visible to users, across any browser or device – instantly

Easily Test Dynamic Content

Applitools replaces assertion code with a single command. Simply add the Applitools SDK to your test suite with just three lines of code, and Applitools will continue to run visual regressions using Visual AI.

Catch Unexpected Bugs

Applitools catches bugs that human testers may miss or that functional assertions may not cover. It also proactively validates your application looks correct, without having to specifically test for those outcomes.

What’s it made of?

Applitools Visual AI is made up of a network of hundreds of algorithms implemented using different tools and approaches ranging from hand-coded rule based algorithms to deep learning. Complex algorithms automatically clean up and tag data which is then used for training the machine learning and deep learning models. Since launching the Visual AI engine has analyzed over 1 billion images and has access to an endless supply of diverse data that has been collected over many years from tens of thousands of different products that is uniquely available to us.

Take a glimpse into the power of the various match level Visual AI algorithms found in Applitools Eyes.

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