Retail & eCommerce

Ensure each transaction experience is flawless

Applitools enables retail, big box stores, and other eCommerce businesses of all sites deliver better experiences for their customers on any device, after every update.

Global eCommerce leaders ensure quality with Applitools.

In today’s fast-paced retail and eCommerce environment, the quality of digital experiences directly impacts customer satisfaction and revenue. With Applitools, navigating the complex landscape of QA challenges in Retail and eCommerce becomes more streamlined and effective.

Our solutions are tailored to ensure proper test coverage as customer journeys grow more intricate and varied. We understand the importance of delivering flawless experiences on any screen size or device, without the high costs associated with managing extensive browser or device farms.

Complex User Interfaces

E-commerce platforms often have intricate user interfaces with numerous features like product catalogs, filters, shopping carts, and payment gateways. Testing these varied and complex workflows requires a thorough understanding of the user experience to ensure functionality across different scenarios.

Browser Compatability

Ensuring that the e-commerce platform works flawlessly across different browsers (like Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and devices (like smartphones, tablets, laptops) is crucial. This compatibility testing is essential to provide a consistent shopping experience for all users, regardless of their access method.

Rapid Content Changes

E-commerce sites frequently update content, including new product listings, prices, and promotions. Ensuring that these updates don’t disrupt the existing functionality or user experience requires continuous testing.

Dynamic & Personal Content

Many e-commerce platforms provide personalized content to users based on their browsing history, preferences, or location. Testing these dynamic content features to ensure they work correctly for different user segments adds another layer of complexity.

Move beyond traditional functional testing with AI.

Applitools steps up to the challenge of dynamic, personalized customer experiences. Where legacy testing tools falter in keeping pace with the need for validation across numerous experiments and personalized paths, Applitools shines with its AI powered capabilities.

Proactively reduce the risk of every update

Applitools reduces the risk of every change made to websites and applications by using Visual AI to improve test coverage and accuracy, helping businesses find more bugs and errors before their customers do.

Accelerate software delivery velocity

Applitools improves the feedback loop of development and testing by creating, running, and maintaining tests faster with AI – helping to reduce the bottleneck that QA often becomes.

Enable operational efficiency across the SDLC

Applitools improves the feedback loop of development and testing by creating, running, and maintaining tests faster with AI – helping to reduce the bottleneck that QA often becomes.

Typical Retail & eCommerce Use Cases:

Applitools platform can be used by various teams and applications, at multiple stages of the software delivery lifecycle. Testing Retail Applications with Applitools not only enhances the quality and reliability of your digital offerings but also provides a competitive edge in the dynamic world of retail and eCommerce.

Design & Development

Shift testing left into engineering organizations

  • Marketing website and forms
  • Mobile banking app
  • Web application

Quality Assurance

Make sure every software release is properly tested

  • Customer facing applications
  • Legal and PDF documents

Digital Marketing

Validate that every experience is a winning one

  • Claim forms
  • Policy dashboards
  • Content libaries

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