Why Should I Visually Test My App with Applitools?
Over 90% of user abandonment of your site, app or cart is due to UI & functional bugs.
Prevent it with Applitools Eyes groundbreaking automated UI validation.

  • Verify that the GUI appears correctly across all devices & browsers
  • Take pressure off manual QA: increase coverage, test faster & more accurately
  • Reduce maintenance efforts: automatically propagate changes across execution environments
  • Easily scale up with unlimited concurrent test runs in the cloud
  • Release faster, with confidence & flawless UI

Take advantage of Applitools Eyes:
the most advanced image-matching engine in the world.
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Our customers say

Brian Jordan – Software Engineer, Code.org
“Applitools is a quantum leap in automated testing. Consistently catching bugs we could have never been able to detect with traditional instrumentation, and writing tests now takes minutes instead of hours.”

Benjamin Jackson – QA Test Analyst, Godfrey Systems
“With Applitools Eyes we can rest assured that flawless front-end functionality is continuously delivered across all devices and browsers in the mobile & web apps we develop for our customers.”

Jonathan Gray – QA Automation Engineer, Dealertrack
“There is no other tool that gives us this peace of mind. And as a QA, peace of mind is my job.”

Peter Kim – Senior Design Engineer, Concur Technologies (SAP company)
“In just 4 months my core automation engineering team had tests for over 2000 pages, covering dozens of languages, across multiple browsers and resolutions, potentially capturing every change and UI regression bugs, as well as helping out with functional testing.”

On Freund
“Applitools Eyes is the only visual test automation solution that really works! It reduced our spending on manual testing of the UI by 60% and took a couple of hours to implement.”

Irmi Barak
“Applitools Eyes made major improvement to our mobile app testing. It has significantly reduced the development time of our automated tests and added UX validation capability that no other tool have provided.”

Yaniv Leizer
“Applitools Eyes helps us convert regular Selenium tests into powerful visual tests with no extra effort and by that, find UI bugs that couldn’t be found otherwise.”

Slav Ben Ari
“Applitools Eyes adds a significant value to our Mobile apps testing and helps me meet my schedule and the accuracy level I owe my customers.”

Israel Hershkovitz
“Applitools Eyes enables us to test the appearances of our Mobile apps on variety of Os’s and form-factors and saves us time and money.”

Avner Rosenan
“Applitools Eyes gives us a great way to make sure our UI looks right on every browser.”

Gady Keren
“Implementation of Automated Visual Testing allowed us to achieve greater automated UI test coverage, and to automatically detect many UI layout and, flow issues that flew ‘under the radar’ before.”

Works With
Turbocharge Automated Testing…
  • UI testing
  • Visual regression testing
  • Cross browser GUI validation
  • Cross mobile-device GUI validation
  • Functional front-end testing
  • CI-CD testing
… with ease
Cloud service
  • Low touch
  • Easy to use
  • Available everywhere
Easy integration
  • Selenium, Appium, Protractor
  • HP UFT (QTP), LeanFT and QC
  • MS Coded UI and TFS
Intuitive reports
  • Screenshot comparison
  • Visual bug highlighting
  • Visual playback
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