Enable any team member to easily author, execute, and maintain tests

TestGenAI for Cypress makes it easy for users of any skill level to create powerful, self-healing, automated tests that can validate even the most complex scenarios – all in just seconds.

Accelerate Test Creation and Boost Coverage

TestGenAI drastically reduces the time required to author tests. By recording user actions, it eliminates the need for manual coding, ensuring greater consistency and reliability with high quality code from any team member.

Quick Tests Generation
TestGenAI captures user actions in real-time, transforming them into Cypress test scripts instantly.

Elimination of Manual Coding
By automating the script-writing process, TestGenAI frees up valuable time for developers and quality assurance professionals to focus on more strategic tasks.

Self-Healing and Robust Tests

Ensuring that automated tests are robust and maintainable over time is a common challenge in test automation. TestGenAI addresses this issue with self-healing capabilities that enhance the resilience of test scripts, and it integrates the Page Object Model (POM) design pattern to further streamline test creation by organizing code and reducing duplication.

Reduce Test Maintenance
TestGenAI’s self-healing feature automatically adjusts test scripts to accommodate changes in the application’s UI.

Improved Code Quality
Automated handling of mundane tasks ensures that the generated code meets high standards, comparable to scripts written by experienced practitioners.

Modern Test Coverage with Cypress

TestGenAI facilitates the creation of modern test coverage using Cypress, a leading test automation framework. By embedding industry best practices, it allows for seamless migration from other test frameworks like Selenium to Cypress.

Efficient Migration
TestGenAI simplifies the transition from existing test implementations to Cypress, making it easier for teams to adopt modern testing practices.

Industry Best Practices
By following established standards, TestGenAI ensures that the generated test scripts are robust and maintainable.

Empower Non-Developers in Test Automation

TestGenAI gets any team member involved in the test creation process, democratizing test automation and fostering greater collaboration.

Distributed Workload
By empowering non-developers to create test scripts, TestGenAI helps spread the test creation workload across the team reducing the burden on more technical team members.

Increased Collaboration
Involving a broader range of team members in the test automation process fosters a more collaborative and inclusive work environment.

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