What is PDF Testing?

PDF files are a popular way for to distribute read-only content and are used across a variety of industries. Many applications generate PDF files on the fly and need a way to verify that the files are created as specified – this is important as the PDF files often contain important and legally binding information, thus there is no room for error. PDF Testing requires a PDF file to actually be scanned and the contents verified – verifying the API that created the PDF file is usually not enough.


Is PDF Testing Important?

Due to the nature of PDF files, it is very important to verify the content of the files for accuracy. Imagine a binding contract that is 54 pages long and in one place there is a missing decimal that binds an interest to to 37.5% vs 3.75%. When it comes to legally binding documents, there is no room for error. PDF testing is not only important, it’s imperative.


How Can Applitools Help?

Applitools Visual AI makes quick work of PDF Testing. With a simple, code-less setup, Applitools will monitor folders and instantly scan PDF files to verify them again your established baseline. Because our computer vision never tires, we can detect the smallest of issues in very large PDF documents. In the example above, that misplaced decimal could be very difficult for a tired human eye to detect!

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