Validate browser and device compatibility instantly

Applitools provides a next generation cross browser and device testing grid that replicates modern browsers instantly, for faster test execution and reduced test flakiness.

A Faster Way To Test Across Browsers

Applitools  represents the next generation of cross browser testing. With Ultrafast Grid, you run your functional & visual tests once locally and it instantly renders all screens across all combinations of browsers, devices, and viewports. 

Applitools supports all your favorite browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and IE. Increase your test coverage across all major browsers without increasing your testing time.

Say goodbye to flaky test runs with Applitools AI technology that replicates DOM snapshots without requiring an open, live connection – the common source of flaky runs.

Applitools does not require a reverse proxy or IPSec VPN and thus removes the increased risk of outside factors that traditional cross browser testing solutions are dependent on.

Cross platform testing is hard, it’s no wonder why so many companies skip this, the efforts to implement a comprehensive strategy using traditional approaches are astronomical. Applitools has totally changed the game with the Ultrafast Grid. What took me days of work with other approaches only took minutes with Ultrafast Grid! Not only was it easier, it’s smarter, faster, and provides more coverage than any other solution out there. I’ll be recommending the Ultrafast Grid to all of the clients I work with from now on.
Oluseun Olugbenga Orebajo Fujitsu
Lead Test Practitioner
The team at Applitools has taken a fresh approach to cross browser testing with the Ultrafast Grid. While traditional cloud testing platforms are subject to false positives and slow execution, Applitools’ unique ability to run Visual AI in parallel containers can give your team the unfair advantage of stability, speed, and improved coverage. This modern approach to testing is something that all DevOps professionals should strongly consider.
Igor Draskovic BNY Mellon
VP, Developer Specialist
Applitools Ultrafast Grid integrates seamlessly with our testing framework and consists of everything I need to achieve comprehensive cross-browser coverage at the speed of a single test.
Omri Aharon
Omri Aharon Autodesk
Frontend Team Leader
Cross browser testing is ultra fast using Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud. Bugs that I missed (and there were lots!) on different browsers and viewports were easily caught without affecting the time it takes to run my tests. Functional testing frameworks automate browsers, but they are not built to catch the visual changes now incredibly common cross environment. Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud helps engineers succeed when doing modern cross browser testing.
Marie Drake News UK
Principal Test Automation Engineer

The new way to run cross browser tests is here

The next generation of cross browser testing gives you parallel test automation at a scale never seen before – across all browsers, devices, and viewports.

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