Reduce time consuming, paper-based, and expensive workflows by implementing Applitools Visual AI to monitor and archive all digital assets. Applitools advanced computer vision informs you of every change creating a digital archive for your legal and compliance teams to instantly reference.

See how Visual AI can help with heavily regulated apps and websites

Why Visual AI for Regulatory & Compliance?

Save Time & Money

  • Auto-scan websites, documents, PDFs, and mobile apps
  • Visual AI detects all text and image changes – including content that is removed or missing
  • Incredibly accurate
  • Covers all screens

Peace of Mind

  • Streamline submission to regulatory committees
  • Archive complete history of all digital assets for legal and compliance departments
  • Ensure brand is presented accurately

Setup is Fast & Easy

  • Schedule routine scans of key assets
  • Run stand-alone or integrate into existing test automation framework
  • Virtual advisors will help guide your team via lightning integration sessions, best practices and training, and routine check-ins – all at no additional cost to you

See how Visual AI can help streamline your workflows

Automated visual testing for heavily regulated industries