Automate test maintenance with the click of a button

Applitools Visual AI maps and understands your User Interface at a deeper level allowing machine learning and algorithms to group changes together for automated analysis and updates.

Eliminate the hassle of test maintenance

Automatically group and update changes or bugs that are discovered.

Applitools can quickly identify and update tests affected by changes in the application, saving valuable time in the development process.

With more efficient maintenance, QA teams can focus on expanding test coverage instead of worrying if this extra test written will create days worth of maintenance down the road.

Automated test maintenance can help reduce the overall cost of software testing by minimizing the time and resources required to update tests when application changes occur.

Update hundreds of tests with a single action.

Applitools uses AI to group bugs and changes together based on environments, components, teams, and more. When an update is accepted or rejected, Applitools will then apply those changes to any similar bugs found across your app. Apply hundreds or thousands of changes to your entire testing suite with just a single update.

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