Best of Breed: Successful Test Automation Practices from Innovative Brands — webinar w/ Angie Jones and an Expert Panel of QA Executives

Events — Published May 6, 2020

While test automation is a struggle for most teams everywhere, there are companies who have mastered their technique and are executing a very successful test automation strategy.

In this talk, Angie Jones shares the research on how top companies and global brands are approaching test automation strategy, and successfully implementing it.

Angie was joined by a panel of QA executives, who also shared what they are seeing in the industry in regards to successful (and not so successful) test automation practices:

  • Theresa Neate – QA Practise Lead @ Real Estate Group
  • Amrit Sadhab – Digital Practise Lead @ Origin Energy
  • Karen Mangio – QA Practise Lead @ NAB Mobile
  • Cameron Bradley – Head of QA @ Tabcorp

Test Automation Practices — Angie’s Slide Deck

Full Webinar Recording

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