DevOps & Quality in The Era Of CI-CD: An Inside Look At How Microsoft Does It

Events — Published April 16, 2019

Watch this on-demand session for an inside look at how Microsoft navigates DevOps in the era of CI-CD.

Abel WangSr. DevOps expert @ Microsoft — discussed what DevOps is, why it’s important, and what products help MSFT solve DevOps challenges.
Abel also showed how Microsoft copes with, and solves, a major DevOps challenge: maintaining quality across its Dev/Test pipeline.

With 70% of companies citing CI-CD as a top strategic initiative, we no longer question the need for DevOps — but implementing a successful DevOps practice and maintaining app quality remain challenging for companies of all sizes.

At Microsoft, DevOps means something specific: DevOps is the union of people, processes and products enabling the continuous delivery of value to end users.
This union isn’t easy.
Aligning these three pillars takes careful planning. Making sure the right culture, the right software development processes, and the right products and tools are in place enables this comprehensive DevOps mindset.

Among the topics covered: 

  • 3 Pillars of DevOps — as defined by Microsoft
  • How MSFT organized its team for DevOps success
  • DevOps best practices — recommended by the experts @ MSFT
  • How to maintain quality while continuously delivering apps
Abel’s Slide Deck:


Abel’s Code Examples on GitHub


Full webinar recording:

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