Cutting-edge Functional UI Testing Techniques – Live Coding Webinar w/ Adam Carmi

Events — Published March 30, 2020

It is no secret that many teams struggle with automated functional UI testing – some to the point where it is completely abandoned – even though the UI is the most significant interface of the system.

In this session, Adam CarmiApplitools CTO and Co-founder — reviewed the main weaknesses of traditional approaches to UI testing, and how they negatively affect test stability, maintainability, coverage, execution speed, and overall ROI. He also discussed how these weaknesses become even more severe when running tests across multiple devices and browsers.

Adam demonstrated how Visual AI — the innovative technology powering Applitools’ testing engine — can be applied on your existing pipeline to efficiently implement functional UI testing with a fraction of the effort while drastically increasing test coverage and reducing test execution time.

Adam also showed a live coding session, where he converted a traditional UI test into a Visual AI-based test in minutes, and executed it across dozens of devices and browsers in seconds using the Applitools Ultrafast Grid.

Adam’s Functional UI Testing slide deck:

Full webinar recording:

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