Myth vs Reality: Understanding AI/ML for QA Automation – webinar w/ Expert Jonathan Lipps

Events — Published February 2, 2020

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) have seen application in a variety of fields, including automation of QA tasks. But what are they exactly? What distinguishes different instances and applications of AI, for example? What are the horizons of these technologies in the field of QA?

The promise of AI/ML must be understood correctly to be harnessed appropriately. As with any buzzword, many technologies and products are offered under the guise of AI/ML without satisfying the definition. The industry is reforming itself around the promise that AI/ML holds often without a clear understanding of the technical limitations that give the promise its boundaries.

In this webinar, test automation guru Jonathan Lipps gives a detailed overview of the concepts that underpin AI/ML, and discuss their ramifications for the work of QA automation.

In addition to a discussion of AI/ML in general, Jonathan looks at examples from the QA industry. These examples will help give attendees the basic understanding required to cut through the marketing language. so we can clearly evaluate AI/ML solutions, and calibrate expectations about the benefit of AI/ML in QA, both as it stands today and in the future.

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