Visual testing for React and Storybook

ReactJS provides a library of reusable components for building JavaScript applications. When combined with Storybook and Applitools Eyes, you can validate the visual appearance of your React components in a controlled testbed. With Applitools Ultrafast Grid, you can run your visual validations across a range of browsers and viewport sizes across multiple screen combinations simultaneously. Together, React, Storybook, and Applitools make you much more productive by developing once in React, testing once in Storybook, and rapidly validating everywhere in Applitools.

Getting Started — July 17, 2019

How To Gather Visual Testing Insights

Applitools Eyes 10.7 introduces a new set of built-in metrics, called Insights. Insights provides you with a visual display showing your current test status, including passing tests out of all tests run, failing tests, as well as new results to inspect and evaluate. You can view your overall results, as well as filter your results by batch run or by team – as well as report results over a specific date range. With Applitools Eyes Insights, you can track the progress of your visual testing projects.

Product — June 19, 2019

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