Selenium Functional Testing with Applitools

Getting Started — Published August 23, 2019

We have written a lot about Selenium, and about using Selenium and Applitools.

We want you to have one place to show you all things Selenium. We know this is a tall order; you could be a Selenium expert, or you could be getting started with Selenium. Perhaps you would like to:

  • Learn some advanced Selenium skills and capabilities
  • Compare Selenium with other test automation tools
  • Learn about user experiences with Selenium and Applitools
  • Understand what makes the combination of Applitools and Selenium so valuable.

No matter where you are on this spectrum, from novice to expert, here are all our Selenium-related articles, webinars, and tutorials in one place.

Getting Started – Learn about Selenium and Applitools

If you are interested in learning how to get started with Selenium, or how to use Selenium with Applitools, we have a lot of content to help you get started. These include:

Test Automation University

We have courses that teach you Selenium in detail for specific languages.

We have a course to teach you how to use Selenium IDE.

We also have courses that utilize Selenium as part of learning test automation, including:


Applitools has posted the following tutorials for using Applitools with Selenium.

Blog Posts

If you are looking to read about Selenium, we have you covered. Over several years we have written a number of blog posts to help readers get up to speed on test automation with Selenium. Here are some of those key posts.

Selenium tutorial

Webinar Recordings

If you would prefer to watch a webinar instead of reading a blog post, we have also hosted webinars on a range of topics about Selenium. The recordings can be accessed from our blog. These webinar recordings include:

Selenium Conference

Advanced Topics with Selenium and Applitools

Once you have proceeded past the basics, it’s time to dig deeply into test topics that will help you master using Selenium to achieve your larger test goals.

Blog Posts

Webinar Recordings

Comparing Selenium Versus…

Once you know something about Selenium, it becomes important to understand how other test automation tools compare with Selenium. Do they all use the webdriver to apply tests? Do they work on all browsers that support webdriver? Do you get the wealth of programming languages you find with Selenium? Here are some blog posts and webinars that compare and contrast Selenium with other test technologies – including how they link with Applitools.

Blog Posts


Customer Stories – Selenium and Applitools

Finally, you’d like to know how companies use Selenium and Applitools together for greater engineering efficiency, greater test quality, and faster time to market. Here are a few stories to review.


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