What is Component Testing?

Component testing is form of software testing that focuses on software components in isolation of the remainder of the application. Modern teams have embraced solutions like Storybook to build their design systems. In Storybook, you have multiple stories, each of which represents a rendered state of a UI component. Component testing takes each story (or rendered state) and tests it. Visual Testing is ideal for component testing.

What is Storybook?

Storybook allows developers to build UI components in isolation of an application. In modern application development, having a component team is increasingly popular. Such teams are responsible for the overall design system including all UI components that are used across one or more applications within an organization.

Why Visual Testing for Components?

Visual testing components allows teams to find bugs earlier, across a variety of browsers and viewports at speeds almost as fast as unit testing – but without writing any additional test code. Read more about visual testing with Storybook & Applitools.

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Cross browser testing is ultra fast using Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud. Bugs that I missed (and there were lots!) on different browsers and viewports were easily caught without affecting the time it takes to run my tests. Functional testing frameworks automate browsers, but they are not built to catch the visual changes now incredibly common cross environment. Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud helps engineers succeed when doing modern cross browser testing.
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Principal Test Automation Engineer

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