Testing Design System Changes Across Your Application — Intuit Use Case with Sr. Engineer Tyler Krupicka [webinar recording]

Events — Published June 2, 2020

Design systems are one of the most popular new ways to create and document the UI building blocks that make up a product.

Component-based frameworks — such as React, Angular, and Vue — have taught teams to break apart their application interface into reusable pieces, while projects like Storybook have allowed us to document and test these components at scale.

What happens when you make design changes using a central system, instead of individual screens? How do you make changes with confidence when your update impacts every screen in the product?

In this webinar, Tyler KrupickaSenior Software Engineer @ Intuit — shared how Intuit tests design system changes for TurboTax, a product with thousands of reconfigurable screens that share a common design language.

He also discussed why design systems have become so important to his team, the tools his team uses, as well as providing a deep dive on how Intuit routinely changes thousands of screens simultaneously.

Watch this in-depth live session, and discover:

  • What are design systems, and how they can help you build consistent experiences
  • How Intuit uses design systems to build thousands of unique screens in TurboTax
  • How we test and release widespread changes with confidence in:
    • Performance
    • Accessibility
    • Visual Consistency
  • How you can build and maintain your own design system at scale

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