TestBash Australia 2018 – See You There!

Events — Published October 17, 2018

TestBash Australia 2018 - sponsored by Applitools

This week, we’re joining our software testing friends down under at TestBash Australia at the Aerial Function Centre in Sydney, Australia.

What is TestBash Australia? TestBash Australia (#TestBash), is a single-day software testing conference hosted by The Ministry of Testing (MoT). TestBash Australia is just one of the number of global events MoT hosts throughout the year; other TestBash confs this year took place in Manchester UK, and The Netherlands, and there is another coming up in San Francisco next month. The Sydney event is taking place on October 19. Topics covered include end-to-end test automation, exploratory testing, QA and more.

We are proud to be sponsors of TestBash conferences around the world. The MoT team will be handing out some of our “visually perfect” swag during the event, so make sure to come early before they run out of it!

While we’ve got your attention, we encourage you to follow our good friends @ MoT:  MoT’s BossBoss and grandmaster software tester Richard Bradshaw, and MoT founder, overall inspiration and wonder-woman Rosie Sherry have a lot of testing goodness in their Twitter feeds.

Have fun @ TestBash Australia 2018 in Sydney. 


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