Selenium for Java Tutorials

There are two ways to automate visual tests with Selenium in Java:

  1. Using the Applitools Ultrafast Grid
  2. Using the Applitools Classic runner

Your tests must use one or the other – not both. If you are new to Applitools and not sure which to pick, read the sections below to help you decide. Typically, Ultrafast Grid is the recommended approach.

Using the Ultrafast Grid

Using Applitools Ultrafast Grid. With this approach, you run your visual test one time locally, and VisualGridRunner uploads the visual snapshots to be rendered in the Ultrafast Grid against any browser configurations you specify. You don't need to maintain different browser configurations yourself. The Ultrafast Grid performs cross-browser testing much faster than local runs, too.

If you want to try the Ultrafast Grid, take the tutorial for Selenium Java JUnit with the Ultrafast Grid.

Ultrafast Grid architecture picture

Using the Classic Runner

With the Classic runner, you capture visual snapshots on your local machine using ClassicRunner. You are limited to testing only the browsers configured locally, and you must run visual test instances for each browser you want to cover.

If you want to try the classic runner, take the tutorial for Selenium Java JUnit with the Classic Runner.

Applitools AI with RCA picture
Last Updated: 6/6/2022, 4:02:53 PM