Visual Testing with Storybook

AI-powered visual validation of Storybook components built with React, Vue, or Angular.

Why Use Applitools

Find Bugs Earlier

Using Storybook and visual UI testing detects component bugs way upstream in the development process, when you first code your components. This prevents bugs from appearing downstream in applications, when they’re harder to diagnose.

Almost As Fast as Unit Testing

Our Storybook SDKs use Applitools Ultrafast Grid, so you can test hundreds of UI components in less than a minute. That helps you stay in the flow and keep on coding.

Cross-browser Testing

Our Ultrafast Grid supports multiple types of browsers, so you can find bugs that don’t appear on Chrome, but do on Firefox. That means fewer embarrassing cross-browser bugs.

Codeless Testing

You’ve got plenty of code to write as it is. With Applitools, you don’t write any code to test React, Vue, and Angular components built with Storybook. Just a couple of commands and you’ve run your first visual test.

Responsive Testing

Your customers use your app across all kinds of devices: phones, tablets, laptops, and more. Each with its own browser size that can affect UI component rendering. We let you test on a wide range of viewport sizes; so you can find bugs responsive design bugs.

“At first our developers didn’t believe in visual automation. Now they’ve been singing Applitools’ praises because it catches critical bugs.”
Norbert de Langen
Greg Sypolt Gannett
Director, Quality Engineering

How Applitools Works with Storybook

You run an npx command, as detailed in this tutorial. Our Storybook SDK then extracts all stories from your Storybook, and renders each component across all visual states. For each rendering, our Storybook SDK then extracts a DOM Snapshot that we send to Applitools Ultrafast Grid.

Our ultrafast grid renders the component across multiple browsers with different viewport sizes, in parallel. Each component rendering screenshot is sent to our AI comparison engine to find significant differences that indicate a visual bug.

Storybook flow chart

Integrates with Your Toolchain

Rip-and-replace is a drag. Applitools integrates with every popular continuous integration tool. (And some unpopular ones too.) Plus GitHub, Visual Studio, Jira. So you can:

Include functional and visual testing in your continuous integration builds.

Submit bugs into Jira with one button click.

Ensure your visual baselines are validated on each GitHub pull request for your code.

Map changes in visual appearance to underlying code changes with UI Version Control.

Add Visual AI to your Storybook tests in minutes

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