The Future of Appium and the Shifting Landscape of Mobile Test Automation [webinar recording]

Events — Published February 26, 2018

Watch Jonathan Lipps’ in-depth overview of the mobile test automation landscape: past present and future, including an in-depth analysis of current frameworks and what’s in store for Appium.

5 years ago, mobile automation was in its infancy. None of the tools that enabled testing of mobile apps was very comprehensive, but on the other hand, there were a lot of open source options. Nowadays, the players and the playing field are different, and Appium came to dominate the open source mobile testing scene.

In this talk, expert Jonathan Lipps gives an exposition of the mobile testing landscape. He talks about what writing tests looks like with each of the current tools, and discuss when each might be a good (or bad) choice. In addition, he’ll share his reflections on increasingly popular modes of testing beyond functional testing (like visual testing, for example), and what challenges might lie ahead for testers.

“There’s a lot at stake in how we invest in mobile testing, and this talk will be an exhortation for everyone involved in the industry to participate in shaping a better and more stable future” — Jonathan Lipps

Key takeaways from Jonathan’s session:

  • History of mobile automation
  • In-depth overview of the current technology and trends
  • Set of factors to use when picking the technology that’s right for you
  • All about Appium’s vision for the future

Jonathan’s slide-deck can be found here — and you can watch the full recording here:

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