How Concur Technologies (a SAP company) Leverages Visual Testing for Localization Tests

Events — Published December 16, 2015

Watch test automation expert Peter Kim, and learn how he and his team at Concur Technologies (an SAP company) successfully leverage visual testing to handle thousands of validations per localization.
Peter also shares how much coverage he gained from adding visual testing, as well as the amount of QA resources saved.

This webinar covers: 

  • How a well designed command-based automation framework will help you scale your test coverage more reliable and faster
  • Overcoming the challenges of validating thousands of pages/forms across more than a dozen languages, plus the hurdles of validating all your unique client’s custom-themed web apps!
  • Live demo of automated visual testing, using a command-based test strategy that scales across different browsers/OS and resolutions leveraging Applitools Eyes
  • 3 simple automation design concepts to help you make your own framework more reliable and scalable

Watch it here:

Peter’s slidedeck can be found below:

To read more about Applitools’ visual UI testing and Application Visual Management (AVM) solutions, check out the resources section on the Applitools website. To get started with Applitools, request a demo or sign up for a free Applitools account.

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