Automating Accessibility Tests: Web is for Everyone

Events — Published November 9, 2017

Automating accessibility testing is not only about making it easier for those with disabilities to access your site and app, but also optimizing your overall automated testing efforts, in order to support speedy product delivery without sacrificing software quality.

Watch this webinar to learn how to effectively automate accessibility testing, including: industry standards, challenges, available tools, and see – step by step – how to write a proper automated test. 

Leading companies are currently moving into Continuous Delivery and DevOps model, aiming to speed up their release cycle with a variety of tools and processes that support Continuous Integration. To match this need for speed, a fast feedback mechanism – “Automated Testing” – is used to validate the build.

But functionally testing an app is not enough, as it ignores end users with disabilities. Today. app developers and test engineers must validate the accessibility of the app to ensure it can be accessed by everyone – and that includes people with disabilities, which account for a large percentage of the population

Listen to Test Automation and Selenium expert Manoj Kumar in this in-depth session, where he covers the essentials of Accessibility Testing, including:

  • What is Accessibility testing
  • The Accessibility standards
  • Different tools available to automate Accessibility testing
  • How to automate Accessibility testing, and what resources are needed
  • How to implement an effective Accessibility strategy within your organizations

Manoj’s slide-deck can be found below:

And you can watch the full recording here:

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