“Automate to Collaborate” – with Vodafone’s Test Innovation Manager: Alejandro Sanchez-Giraldo [webinar recording]

Events — Published November 29, 2020

Test automation is a tool that has been used for decades to assist us in ensuring quality in software development — but like any tool, there are many use cases, and it is up to the individual user to decide how the tool is implemented.

Alejandro Sanchez-Giraldo is a Test Innovation Manager @ Vodafone, and during his 13 years as a Quality Engineer and Advocate, he has seen many implementations of automation. Some created benefits and enabled teams to deliver scalable quality, compared to others that generated overheads and caused teams to be disjointed.

In this talk, Alejandro showcased 3 main approaches he has used to automate — which enabled teams to successfully deliver quality software: Celebrate Failure, Social Automation, and Sustainable Teams.

Alejandro discussed each method, showed examples from his own professional experience, and shared tips and best practices on how to ensure your team gets the most out of its automation tools and processes.

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