Maintaining Quality Across the Entire Dev-Test-Release Cycle — at Jira/ Atlassian and Pushpay [webinar recording]

Events — Published November 2, 2020

Two leading developers — from Jira/ Atlassian and Pushpay — shared their insights, tip, tricks, and best practices on how to maintain quality across the Dev-Test-Release cycle, without losing speed or coverage.

Talk 1: Reducing the Risk of Rapid Development and Continuous Delivery — by David Corbett (Director of Engineering @ Pushpay)
In this talk, David showed us what goes on under the hood of Pushpay’s development cycle.
He also talked about the ways in which Pushpay is empowering Dev and Test teams to be more autonomous, and prompting them to use advanced test automation tools & techniques, such as visual validation, in order to gain confidence in deploying many times each day.

Talk 2: Testing Hourglass at Jira Frontend — by Alexey Shpakov (Sr. Developer – Jira Frontend @ Atlassian)
We often hear people talk about the testing pyramid.
In Jira Frontend, we talk about testing hourglass — that means we expect our developers to be responsible for the whole lifecycle of the code — starting from creating tests and finishing with running a 24/7 on-call.
In this talk, Alexey did a deep-dive into the various types of testing they have in Jira Frontend, and discussed the various tools that allow them to deliver Jira to customers in a low-risk manner.

David Corbett — Reduced Risk with rapid Deployment and Continuous Delivery @ Pushpay — slide deck

Alexey Shpakov — Testing Hourglass at Jira Frontend — slide deck

Maintaining Quality at Jira/ Atlassian and Pushpay — Full Webinar Recording

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