Visual UI Testing at the Speed of Unit Testing, with new SDKs for Cypress and Storybook

Product — Published October 29, 2018

Cypress & Storybook

Listen to Gil Tayar’s webinar on the new Applitools SDKs for Cypress and Storybook, which enable developers to test the visual appearance of their apps across all responsive web platforms, including React, Vue, and Angular.  

Developers want their tests to run fast. In an increasingly agile world, waiting ten minutes or more for test results is a huge no-no. A new generation of browser automation tools recognize that need-for-speed and enable frontend developers to quickly automate their browser tests.

But those tests also need to check the application’s visual elements. Does the login page look okay? Does it look good in Firefox? What about mobile browsers, in 768px width? And does it still look good in 455px with a device pixel ratio of 2? These are just a few of the questions developers ask when building responsive web applications.

To check the visual quality of your application, across all browsers and in all those responsive widths, would necessitate a humongous grid of browsers, and an unreasonable amount of time. Far more than the two to five minutes usually available for a developer’s tests.

Applitools’ new SDKs for Cypress and Storybook enable you to do just that: write a set of visual regression tests that run through your pages and components, and have the pages and components render in Applitools Ultrafast Grid, in parallel, on a large set of browsers and widths, and return the result in less than a minute.

One minute. That’s quicker than most functional test suites, and approaching the time required for unit testing.

Listen to Applitools Architect Gil Tayar, as he discusses the new generation of visual UI testing tools. Tools that move the burden of the visual work to cloud, and enable you to check what was till now impossible to check locally: the visual appearance of your application across multiple responsive platforms.

Gil Tayar, Sr. Architect and Evangelist @ Applitools
Gil Tayar, Sr. Architect @ Applitools

Source code, slides, and video

You can find companion code for Gil’s talk on this GitHub repo.

We also have detailed, step-by-step tutorials on how to use Applitools with Cypress, Storybook + React, Storybook + Vue, and Storybook + Angular.

Here’s Gil’s slide deck:

And here’s the full webinar recording:

Check out these resources, and if you have any questions, please contact us or set up a demo.

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