Test Automation Video Winter Roundup: September – December 2022

Events, Getting Started — Published January 9, 2023

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We hope you got to take time to rest, unplug, and spend time with your loved ones to finish out 2022 with gratitude. I have been incredibly appreciative of the learning opportunities and personal growth that 2022 offered. In reflection of our past quarter here at Applitools, we’ve curated our latest videos from some amazing speakers. If you missed any videos while away on holiday or finishing off tasks for the year, we’ve gathered the highlights for you in one spot.

ICYMI: Back in November, Andrew Knight (a.k.a. the Automation Panda) shared the top ten Test Automation University courses.

Cypress vs. Playwright: The Rematch

One of our most popular series is Let the Code Speak, where we compare testing frameworks in real examples. In our rematch of Let the Code Speak: Cypress vs. Playwright, Andrew Knight and Filip Hric dive deeper to how Cypress and Playwright work in practical projects. Quality Engineer Beth Marshall moderates this battle of testing frameworks while Andy and Filip explore comparisons of their respective testing frameworks in the areas of developer experience, finding selectors, reporting, and more.

Video preview of Cypress vs Playwright: The Rematch webinar

Automating Testing in a Component Library

Visual testing components allows teams to find bugs earlier, across a variety of browsers and viewports, by testing reused components in isolation. Software Engineering Manager David Lindley and Senior Software Engineer Ben Hudson joined us last year to detail how Vodafone introduced Applitools into its workflow to automate visual component testing. They also share the challenges and improvements they saw when automating their component testing.

Video preview of Automating Testing in a Component Library webinar

When to Shift Left, Move to Centre, and Go Right in Testing

Quality isn’t limited to the end of the development process, so testing should be kept in mind long before your app is built. Quality Advocate Millan Kaul offers actionable strategies and answers to questions about how to approach testing during different development phases and when you should or shouldn’t automate. Millan also shares real examples of how to do performance and security testing.

Video preview of When to Shift Left, Move Centre, and Go Right in Testing webinar

You, Me, and Accessibility: Empathy and Human-Centered Design Thinking

Inclusive design makes it easier for your customers with your varying needs and devices are able to use your product. Accessibility Advocate and Crema Test Engineer Erin Hess talks about the principles of accessible design, how empathy empowers teams and end users, and how to make accessibility more approachable to teams that are newer to it. This webinar is helpful all team members, whether you’re a designer, developer, tester, product owner, or customer advocate.

Video preview of You, Me, and Accessibility webinar

Erin also shared a recap along with the audience poll results in a follow-up blog post.

Future of Testing October 2022

Our October Future of Testing event was full of experts from SenseIT, Studylog, Meta, This Dot, EVERSANA, EVERFI, LAB Group, and our own speakers from Applitools. We covered test automation topics across ROI measurement, accessibility, testing at scale, and more. Andrew Knight, Director of Test Automation University, concludes the event with eight testing convictions inspired by Ukiyo-e Japanese woodblock prints. Check out the full Future of Testing October 2022 event library for all of the sessions.

Video preview of Future of Testing keynote

Skills and Strategies for New Test Managers

Being a good Test Manager is about more than just choosing the right tools for your team. EasyJet Test Manager Laveena Ramchandani shares what she has learned in her experience on how to succeed in QA leadership. Some of Laveena’s strategies include how to create a culture that values feedback and communication. This webinar is great for anyone looking to become a Test Manager or for anyone who has newly started the role.

Video preview of Skills and Strategies for New Test Managers

Ensuring a Reliable Digital Experience This Black Friday

With so much data and so many combinations of state, digital shopping experiences can be challenging to test. Senior Director of Product Marketing Dan Giordano talks about how to test your eCommerce application to prioritize coverage on the most important parts of your application. He also shares some common shopper personas to help you start putting together your own user scenarios. The live demo shows how AI-powered automated visual testing can help retail businesses in the areas of visual regression testing, accessibility testing, and multi-baseline testing for A/B experiments.

Video preview of Ensuring a Reliable Digital Experience webinar

Dan gave a recap and went a little deeper into eCommerce testing in a follow-up blog post.

Cypress, Playwright, Selenium, or WebdriverIO? Let the Engineers Speak!

Our popular Let the Code Speak webinar series focused primarily on differences in syntax and features, but it doesn’t really cover how these frameworks hold up in the long term. In our new Let the Engineers Speak webinar, we spoke with a panel of engineers from Mercari US, YOOBIC, Hilton, Q2, and Domino’s about how they use Cypress, Playwright, Selenium, and WebdriverIO in their day-to-day operations. Andrew Knight moderated as our panelists discussed what challenges they faced and if they ever switched from one framework to another. The webinar gives a great view into the factors that go into deciding what tool is right for the project.

Video preview of Let the Engineers Speak webinar

More on the way in 2023!

We’ve got even more great test automation content coming this year. Be sure to visit our upcoming events page to see what we have lined up.

Check out our on-demand video library for all of our past videos. If you have any favorite videos from this list or from 2022, you can let us know @Applitools. Happy testing!

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