Test Automation Video Summer Roundup: May-August 2022

Events, Getting Started — Published August 5, 2022

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It’s summertime (at least where I am in the US), and this year has been a hot one. Summer is a great season to take a step back, to reflect, and hopefully to relax. The testing world moves so quickly sometimes, and while we’re all doing our jobs it can be hard to find the time to just pause, take a deep breath, and look around you at everything that’s new and growing.

Here at Applitools, we want to help you out with that. While you’ve hopefully been enjoying the nice weather, you may not have had a chance to see every video or event that you might have wanted to, or you may have missed some new developments you’d be interested in. So we’ve rounded up a few of our best test automation videos of the summer so far in one place.

All speakers are brilliant testing experts and we’re excited to share their talks with you – you’ll definitely want to check them all out below.

ICYMI: A few months back we also rounded up our top videos from the first half of 2022.

The State of UI/UX Testing: 2022 Results

Earlier this year, Applitools set out to conduct an industrywide survey on the state of testing in the UI/UX space. We surveyed over 800 testers, developers, designers, and digital thought leaders on the state of testing user interfaces and experiences in modern frontend development. Recently, our own Dan Giordano held a webinar to go over the results in detail. Take a look below – and don’t forget to download your free copy of the report.

Front-End Test Fest 2022

Front-End Test Fest 2022 was an amazing event, featuring leading speakers and testing experts sharing their knowledge on a wide range of topics. If you missed it, a great way to get started is with the thought-provoking opening keynote for the event given by Andrew Knight, AKA the Automation Panda. In this talk, titled The State of the Union for Front End Testing, Andrew explores seven major trends in front end testing to help unlock the best approaches, tools and frameworks you can use.

For more on Front-End Test Fest 2022 and to see all the talks, you can read this dedicated recap post or just head straight to our video library for the event.

Cypress Versus Playwright: Let the Code Speak

There are a lot of opinions out there on the best framework for test automation – why not let the code decide? In the latest installment in our popular versus series, Andrew Knight backs Playwright and goes head to head with Cypress expert Filip Hric. Round for round, Filip and Andy implement small coding challenges in JavaScript, and the live audience voted on the best solution. Who won the battle? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Just kidding, actually – at Applitools we want to make gaining testing knowledge easy, so why would we limit you to just one way of finding the answer? Filip Hric summarizes the code battle (including the final score) in a great recap blog post right here.

Can’t get enough of Cypress vs Playwright? Us either. That’s why we’re hosting a rematch to give these two heavyweights another chance to go head to head. Register today for to be a part of the Cypress vs Playwright Rematch Event on September 8th!

Coded vs. Codeless Testing Tools—And the Space In Between

There are a lot of testing debates out there, and coded vs codeless testing tools is one of the big ones. How can you know which is better, and when to use one or the other? Watch this panel discussion to see leading automation experts discuss the current landscape of coded and codeless tools. Learn what’s trending, common pitfalls with each approach, how a hybrid approach could work, and more.

Your panel for this event includes our own Anand Bagmar and Andrew Knight, along with Mush Honda, Chief Quality Architect and Coty Resenblath, CTO, both from Katalon.

Autonomous Testing, Test Cloud Infrastructure, and Emerging Trends in Software Testing

Looking to get a handle on the where testing is heading in the future? Hear from our Co-Founder and CEO, Gil Sever, as he sits down for a Q&A with QA Financial to discuss the future of testing. Learn about the ways autonomous testing is transforming the market, advancements in the cloud and AI, and the ups and downs of where testing could go in the next few years. Gil also shares insights he’s learned from our latest State of UI/UX Testing survey.

Test Automation Stories from Our Customers

We know that every day you and countless others are innovating in the test automation space, encountering challenges and discovering – or inventing – impressive solutions. Our hope is that hearing how others have solved a similar problem will help you understand that you’re not alone in facing these obstacles, and that their stories will give you a better understanding of your own challenges and spark new ways of thinking.

Automating Manufacturing Quality Control with Visual AI

We all know about web and mobile regression testing, but did you know that Visual AI is solving problems in the manufacturing space as well? Jerome Rieul, Test Automation Architect, explains how a major Swiss luxury brand uses uses Visual AI to detect changes in CAD drawings and surface issues before they hit production lines. A great example of an out-of-the-box application of technology leading to fantastic results.

Simplifying Test Automation with Codeless Tools and Visual AI

Test automation can be hard, and many shops struggle to do it effectively. One way to lower the learning curve is to take advantage of a codeless test automation tool – and that doesn’t mean you have to forego advanced and time-saving capabilities like Visual AI. In this webinar Applitools’ Nikhil Nigam shares how Visual AI can integrate seamlessly with codeless tools like Selenium IDE, Katalon Studio, and Tosca to supercharge verifications and meet industrial-grade needs. (And for more on codeless testing tools, don’t forget to watch our lively panel discussion!)

How EVERFI Moved from No Automation to Continuous Test Generation in 9 Months

Starting up test automation from scratch can be a daunting challenge – but it’s one that countless testing teams across the world have faced before you. In this informative talk, Greg Sypolt, VP of Quality Engineering, and Sneha Viswalingam, Director of Quality Engineering, both from EVERFI, share their journey. Learn about the tools they used, how they approached the project, and the time and productivity savings they achieved.

More to Come!

This is just a selection of our favorite test automation videos that we’ve shared with the community this summer. We’re continuously sharing more too – keep an eye on our upcoming events page to see what we have in store next.

What were your favorite videos? Check out our full video library here, and you can let us know your own favorites @Applitools.

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