Selenium TLV Meetup #6: Review and Presentations

Events — Published November 11, 2014

Our two guest speakers at the last Selenium TLV Meetup were Michal Pal from Incapsula and Eli Givoni from JFrog.

Here is a brief review of their talks and links to their presentations. 

Selenium TLV Meetup - in beautiful Tel-Aviv
Selenium TLV Meetup – in beautiful Tel-Aviv

In our first sessionMichal Pal took a deep dive into Incapsula’s Javascript-based Selenium test framework.

Incapsula took a unique approach with their automation framework in which Selenium is used to spawn up browsers and inject Javascript code to perform the actual automation.

The talk covers the rationale behind the framework’s unique design, the test lab structure, test execution and reporting, and the test framework. The majority of the session included going over the framework’s source code and implementation details.

You can see Michal’s slide-deck right here: 


In our second sessionEli Givoni from JFrog presented how to set up your Selenium tests to run from Jenkins.

The talk covers Jenkins setup, useful plugins, configuring nightly, triggered and on-demand test execution, tips for managing multiple browsers in a CI environment, reporting, etc.

The majority of the session included hands-on demonstrations of these activities using Groovy.

You can see Eli’s slide-deck here:


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