Power Up Your Test Automation with Playwright

Events — Published August 31, 2023

As a test automation engineer, finding the right tools and frameworks is crucial to building a successful test automation strategy. Playwright is an end-to-end testing framework that provides a robust set of features to create fast, reliable, and maintainable tests.

In a recent webinar, Playwright Ambassador and TAU instructor Renata Andrade shared several use cases and best practices for using the framework. Here are some of the most valuable takeaways for test automation engineers:

Use Playwright’s built-in locators for resilient tests.
Playwright recommends using attributes like “text”, “aria-label”, “alt”, and “placeholder” to find elements. These locators are less prone to breakage, leading to more robust tests.

Speed up test creation with the code generator.
The Playwright code generator can automatically generate test code for you. This is useful when you’re first creating tests to quickly get started. You can then tweak and build on the generated code.

Debug tests and view runs with UI mode and the trace viewer.
Playwright’s UI mode and VS Code extension provide visibility into your test runs. You can step through tests, pick locators, view failures, and optimize your tests. The trace viewer gives you a detailed trace of all steps in a test run, which is invaluable for troubleshooting.

Add visual testing with Applitools Eyes.
For complete validation, combine Playwright with Applitools for visual and UI testing. Applitools Eyes catches unintended changes in UI that can be missed by traditional test automation.

Handle dynamic elements with the right locators.
Use a combination of attributes like “text”, “aria-label”, “alt”, “placeholder”, CSS, and XPath to locate dynamic elements that frequently change. This enables you to test dynamic web pages.

Set cookies to test personalization.
You can set cookies in Playwright to handle scenarios like A/B testing where the web page or flow differs based on cookies. This is important for testing personalization on websites.

Playwright provides a robust set of features to build, run, debug, and maintain end-to-end web tests. By leveraging the use cases and best practices shared in the webinar, you can power up your test automation and build a successful testing strategy using Playwright. Watch the full recording and see the session materials.

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