Introducing the Next Generation of Native Mobile Test Automation

Product — Published June 29, 2021

Native mobile testing can be slow and error-prone with questionable ROI. With Ultrafast Test Cloud for Native Mobile, you can now leverage Applitools Visual AI to test native mobile apps with stability, speed, and security – in parallel across dozens of devices. The new offer extends the innovation of Ultrafast Cloud beyond browsers and into the mobile applications.

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The Challenge of Testing Native Mobile Apps

Mobile testing has a long and difficult history. Many industry-standard tools and solutions have struggled with the challenge of testing across an extremely wide range of devices, viewports and operating systems.

The approach currently in use by much of the industry today is to utilize a lab made up of emulators, or simulators, or even large farms of real devices. Then the tests must be run on every device independently. The process is not only costly, slow and insecure, but it is prone to errors as well.

At Applitools, we had already developed technology to solve a similar problem for web testing, and we were determined to solve this issue for mobile testing too.

Announcing the Ultrafast Test Cloud for Native Mobile

Today, we are introducing the Ultrafast Test Cloud for Native Mobile. We built on the success of the Ultrafast Test Cloud Platform, which is already being used to boost the performance and quality of responsive web testing by 150 of the world’s top brands. The Ultrafast Test Cloud for Native Mobile allows teams to run automated tests on native mobile apps on a single device, and instantly render it across any desired combination of devices.

“This is the first meaningful evolution of how to test native mobile apps for the software industry in a long time,” said Gil Sever, CEO and co-founder of Applitools. “People are increasingly going to mobile for everything. One major area of improvement needed in delivering better mobile apps faster, is centered around QA and testing. We’re building upon the success of Visual AI and the Ultrafast Test Cloud to make the delivery and execution of tests for native mobile apps more consistent and faster than ever, and at a fraction of the cost.”

The Power of Visual AI and Ultrafast Test Grid

Last year we introduced our Ultrafast Test Grid, enabling teams to test for the web and responsive web applications against all combinations of browsers, devices and viewports with blazing speed. We’ve seen how some of the largest companies in the world have used the power of Visual AI and the Ultrafast Test Grid to execute their visual and functional tests more rapidly and reliably on the web.

We’re excited to now be able to offer the same speed and agility, and security for native mobile applications. If you’re familiar with our current Ultrafast Test Grid offering, you’ll find the experience a familiar one.

A side-by-side image of the Ultrafast Test Cloud for Native Mobile comparing an iPhone 7 to an iPhone 8
The Ultrafast Test Cloud for Native Mobile comparing an iPhone 7 to an iPhone 8

Mobile Apps Are an Increasingly Critical Channel

Mobile usage continues to rise globally, and more and more critical activity – from discovery to research and purchase – is taking place online via mobile devices. Consumers are demanding higher and higher quality mobile experiences, and a poorly functioning site or visual bugs can detract significantly from the user’s experience. There is a growing portion of your audience you can only convert with a five-star quality app experience.

While testing has traditionally been challenging on mobile, the Ultrafast Test Cloud for Native Mobile increases your ability to test quickly, early and often. That means you can develop a superior mobile experience at less cost than the competition, and stand out from the crowd.

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