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Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud represents the next generation of cross browser testing. With Ultrafast Grid, you run your functional & visual tests once locally and it instantly renders all screens across all combinations of browsers, devices, and viewports. This is all done with unprecedented security, stability, and speed, and with virtually no setup required.

Modern Cross Browser Testing

Web & mobile perfection

Ultrafast Grid supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and IE. Advanced mobile web support is available via Safari on iOS for simulation on a variety of Apple devices. Android devices are emulated using Chrome emulation.

Run your tests ultrafast

Test faster & release on-time

Finally, cross browser automated tests that run fast and stable. Say goodbye to brittle tests, slow VM’s, and annoying false positives. With Applitools, your Visual AI powered automated tests will leverage the Ultrafast Test Cloud to run 30-50x faster and with 99.9999% accuracy.

Bring stability to your test stack

Say goodbye to brittle tests

The Applitools platform leverages Visual AI to reduce locators thus decreasing test maintenance by a 3.8x factor. When you compound that stability with the modern cross platform testing technology of the Ultrafast Test Cloud – that stability multiples. This improved efficiency ensures you are able to deliver quality apps, on-time.

No Inbound Connections Required

Peace of mind

The Ultrafast Test Cloud does not require a reverse proxy or IPSec VPN and thus removes the increased risk of outside factors that traditional cross browser testing solutions are dependent on.

See the Ultrafast Test Cloud in action

Write & execute tests once, while validating across all screens.

Why So Fast?

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Applitools Ultrafast Grid runs screenshot jobs in parallel by farming them out to a grid of hundreds of browsers in the cloud that generate screenshots of web pages for all the different combinations of browser types,viewport sizes, simulated, and emulated devices you request. This lets you test responsive web pages and components on a range of page widths corresponding to phones, tablets, laptops, and external monitors.

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Snapshots — not screenshots

Applitools SDKs upload DOM Snapshots — not screenshots — to Applitools Ultrafast Grid. Snapshots include all resources needed to render a page (HTML, etc.) and are much smaller than screenshots, so they are uploaded much faster.

server stack

Containers — not virtual machines

Running code on multiple virtual machines in the cloud takes a lot of time and is flakey due to virtualization overhead. Applitools Ultrafast Grid uses containers to render web pages on different browsers in a much faster and more reliable way.

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Snapshot caching

Applitools Ultrafast Grid does not always upload a snapshot for every page. If a page’s resources didn’t change, Ultrafast Grid doesn’t upload them again. Since most page resources don’t change from one test run to another, there’s less to transfer, and upload times are measured in milliseconds.

The team at Applitools has taken a fresh approach to cross browser testing with the Ultrafast Grid. While traditional cloud testing platforms are subject to false positives and slow execution, Applitools’ unique ability to run Visual AI in parallel containers can give your team the unfair advantage of stability, speed, and improved coverage. This modern approach to testing is something that all DevOps professionals should strongly consider.
Igor Draskovic BNY Mellon
VP, Developer Specialist

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